Hair + Pool    

Good style isn’t just for land lovers, it’s for the pool, too! We challenge you to find the cutest way to express yourself this summer, whether it’s through an adorable bathing suit, your cutest cover-up, or your best Via Dagnino accessory! We love sending our kids off to school with one of our patent clips or beautiful bows, but what about for staying cool at the pool?

pool alessia

Via Dagnino’s hair clips, bows, and accessories are the perfect compliment to your beachy waves and sand and sea swim suits. They’re perfect for keeping wet and crazy hair out of your face, so you don’t have to fuss with pulling it back and keeping it out of your eyes.

Staying cute and keeping cool go hand-in-hand for our little summer fashionistas, so don’t leave them high and dry in the style department. Going down to the water doesn’t mean a drop in style. Our favorite pool accessory is our hair clips, which add just the right amount of fun and sparkle to any summer day.

Of course, getting in and out of the water all day can cause a bit of havoc on your child’s hair. When it comes to protecting their healthy hair from UV rays, use a few of these tips:

  • Get your hair wet before jumping in chlorinated water. If it’s wet from tap or shower water first, the wet hair will absorb less chlorine.
  • If you have fair or very blonde hair, consider using a swim cap!
  • Always make sure to deep-condition hair after it’s been in and out of the sun and surf to restore it’s health and shine.
  • Always air dry after being in out in the sun – the added heat from a blow dryer is the last thing you need

Healthy After School Snacks

We always want our children to be healthy, but how often do they want to eat healthy snacks? Here’s our favorite ideas for healthy snacks, that will hopefully please the kids, too!


  1. Juice Pops. Freeze your favorite low-calorie or sugar free juice in popsicle trays overnight. You’re left with a sweet treat that is much healthier than ice cream.
  2. Black bean and corn quesadilla dippers. Make your favorite quesadilla’s, but cut the slices even smaller. From there, substitute meat for black beans and corn for additional protein! Add fresh salsa for dipping.
  3. Make turkey wrap bites. Using whole grain tortillas, make a wrap consisting of your favorite cheese, lettuce, and turkey. Now, cut it into concentric pieces and lay them out like sushi, for snack-like bites!

These are our three favorite, different, after school snacks! If you have favorite recipes, be sure to let us know what they are. If you try some of these, let us know how the kids loved them (or how much you did!)

The ultimate after school checklist  

Staying organized and on top of your schedule is crucial for busy parents everywhere! Of course, that’s much easier said that done. Otherwise, we’d all be super-parents. (We already think you’re a super-parent!) Use this after school checklist to help your kids stay focused, have family time, and even help out around the house. Of course, you can always add your own steps to fit your own colorful family!


  • First off, make sure you talk to your kids about their day, right away! Of course, they’re probably already running in the door bursting with stories. Take time to make a little after school snack and listen to everything that happened in their fun-filled day.
  • Next, move onto homework! It’s not everyone’s favorite, but we’re big believers in working hard (it makes playtime that much more fun!) Doing it almost right after school opens up the rest of the afternoon and evening for fun, family activities.
  • This can change depending on your house rules, but allow a little TV or computer time after your child has successfully completed all their homework. (This might even give you a head start on dinner now!)
  • Of course, you can always make cooking dinner together a family activity! We love to see Via Dagnino families pitching in together to get chores done.
  • Have a family dinner! The best way for a bright, colorful, playful life is to spend time with those who matter the most in this world (Hint, hint: that’s your family!)
  • End the night with a relaxing activity. Maybe some arts and crafts, a bit of painting (Careful of the furniture!) or something to get the creative juices flowing.

Before you know it, it’ll be bedtime for the whole family!

Best Kid’s Style for the Holidays

The events never seem to end during the holiday season, whether you’re going across the river to grandma’s house or running over the bridge to a holiday party. Whatever the occasion, we all need to look and dress our best. Our little ones are no exception! There are a few tips when it comes to focusing on dressing your children for holiday events, so it stays as hassle free as possible.

  1. Fabric matters! That silk dress may look adorable on your little darling, but I guarantee that it won’t be as cute if something spills on it. Make sure to still choose fabrics like cotton that are easy to wash. Kids will be kids, after all!
  2. Make sure it’s still comfortable. You want your kid’s to be smiling in all of your holiday photos, so make sure it’s a genuine grin! If they’re stuffed into an outfit that isn’t breathable, then no part of the evening is going to be enjoyable. Make sure that all of your outfit choices for your little one’s are still comfortable.
  3. Add the right accessories. To really glow under the light, we recommend our acrylic hair clips or our bows to set off any young lady’s outfit. Of course, no holiday outfit will be complete without the right bowtie for our dashing gentlemen, too!
  4. Let them choose! You’ll be surprised what your children are capable of. Make it a family event and go shopping together for their holiday outfits. I guarantee that they’ll pick out something to make you smile!

Follow these tips for the best and brightest (and stylish) holiday season. We can’t wait to see pictures!

Best Gifts for Your BFF

Your BFF is what gets you through the day – and the holiday season is a great time to show them your appreciation. Here’s our favorite gift ideas for when you’re ready to shop for your best friend forever.


  1. A cute make-up pouch. You can never have enough make-up cases! Get your friend a cute clutch or pencil case that can be used to take their eyeliner and lipgloss around town. They’ll think of you whenever they use it!
  2. Matching rings. Break the mold from the traditional best friend bracelets or lockets. Get them a cute matching ring set, so you know that they’re always thinking of you.
  3. A cute new phone case. Everyone loves to express themselves when it comes to rocking a phone case. Get your BFF one that has her name or a cute design, that will really compliment her personality.
  4. A cute wall print. Get your friend an art print or a little saying that she’ll be able to decorate her room with. It’ll be easy, cute, and chic, and she’ll think of you whenever she smiles at it on her wall!
  5. A boxed set DVD of her favorite movie or show. It’s super thoughtful, because it shows that you know her so well! Plus, it means there’s a major sleepover happening in your future!

Top Gifts for Teachers

We love our children, and we love our children’s teachers! Show your appreciation for your child’s teacher by surprising them with a gift this holiday season that’s anything but boring. We’ve put together an amazing list of gifts for the best educators around.


  1. Add to your child’s classroom library. Schools are always looking for books for their students. Expand your classroom’s library by gifting a few amazing, new books to your teacher for their classroom. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  2. A personalized coffee sleeve. Teachers must get a million different mugs a year – but I bet they never get a personalized coffee sleeve! Save the environment and some paper by customizing a coffee cozie for your favorite teacher.
  3. A wellness basket. Teachers are constantly around children and other adults, which means they’re highly susceptible to getting a cold, flu, or other ailment. Make a basket of tea, cough drops, vitamins, or other goodies to help get them through the winter!
  4. A reusable lunch bag. Most teachers bring their lunch, like students! Get them a cute, adult lunch bag that’s more stylish than a brown paper bag.
  5. Personalized office supplies. Post-it notes, note pads, pens, pencils, paper… all of it is more fun when it has your name on it!

Perfect Play Date Ideas

Everyone loves a play date – even grown-ups. But for our little loved ones, the last thing you want to hear on a play date is “I’m bored!” Here a few ideas for the next time you have a gaggle of girls (or boys!) over.


  1. Make a stay-at-home spa. Did you know that you can find ingredients for a spa treatment in your kitchen? Ingredients like honey and avocado can be used to create safe, organic face masks for your party!
  2. Tea for two. Everyone wants to host a little tea party. You can, of course, substitute real tea for your children’s favorite juice or iced tea.
  3. Create a hair salon. You do not need to run off to drop serious money to actually get your hair done, when you can create one at home! Use some Via Dagnino hair accessories to play with up-do’s in front of the mirror. We dare you to find the craziest look!
  4. Go for a picnic. Take lunch outside! Enjoy gorgeous weather and get some fresh air by moving lunch outside.

Go out and try all of these different play dates, or even for real dates! Let us know your favorite one.

Organizing Solutions for Your Accessories

Ah, accessories! Every lady loves them – and we’ve all got hordes of them covering our vanity. But when it comes to storing your accessories, if you don’t do it properly you could end up with broken or dirty accessories. Properly organizing your accessories could make them last longer! Here’s a few tips for keeping your vanity sparkling.


  1. Use jars and cake trays to organize your jewelry. Yes – head to your local Target or Crate & Barrel for some large mason jars, cake trays, or serving bowls. Cute kitchen containers can become excellent vessels for hair bows and rings.
  2. Do a cleanse. If you haven’t worn it in six months, it’s probably time for it to go! While you don’t want to get rid of your accessories, you can make room for new ones. Make an exception for special-occasion accessories, such as formal ones.
  3. Separate your accessories into categories. Get a bowl for hair bows, a dish for your rings, and a little rack for your necklaces. By dividing and conquering your accessories stash, you can easily find everything in a hurry!

If you have any amazing accessory organization tips, be sure to share them with us.

Choosing the right clothes for kids 

Everyone wants to make sure that they look good! You know the old saying, “When you look good, you feel good.” Of course, this is especially true for our stylish Via Dagnino kids. They love the way they look, and they’ve got to show it off. Of course, for choosy parents, you need to make sure that you’re picking out the right clothing for young kids. Here’s a few of our tips that you need to keep in mind the next time you go shopping!


  • Buy the right size. Buying the right size for your children is very important! Anything too tight can make them uncomfortable, and that can even create breathing problems for your child. Anything too large, and you run the risk of them hurting themselves by stumbling.
  • Keep away from buttons! If you can opt for zippers, do it! Whenever you can, make sure that you’re avoiding buttons on your children’s clothing. They’re small and colored like candy – and very tempting for small children! They could swallow them, and it could become a choking hazard.
  • Make sure it’s washable. Yes, that satin dress is adorable and perfect for perhaps a church outing. But for the every day, make sure that you remember kids are messy (if you could ever forget!) and you want to keep clothes washable.

Hopefully these will help you on your next big trip out to the store! Always remember to add a little bit of sparkle, a hint of some glitter, and perhaps a Via Dagnino bow or two.